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Auditing SMSF's has a lot to do with checking source documents against financial statements and tax returns! Paperless systems and proactive use of software tools is a must if an SMSF auditor wants to deliver a high quality yet well priced audit.

One example of applications we regularly use are document comparer programmes. These software solutions allow our staff to check our client’s SMSF paperwork and compare it to what was provided in the previous year. Such crosschecks help our auditors quickly determine what the key differences are with your SMSF this year. Unless an SMSF auditor is working with a paperless system such analysis is very time consuming and hence is not done or if it is, up goes your audit fee.

Click on the hyperlinks for some references to the types of programmes we use. If you are in administration you might even find them useful in your own office.

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    An example of how use technology to deliver a high quality audit for just $440