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The objective of the Paperless SMSF Audit system is to deliver a quick and cost efficient audit that also gives you some feedback about your superfund’s tax returns and financials before they are lodged with the ATO.

We use a comprehensive SMSF auditing template that is maintained and updated on a regular basis to account for new audit steps, rules and principles. We are a paperless office and have developed our own administration software (refer to the video link regarding E.T.M) to manage the SMSF audit process. Very few professional practice firms go to the trouble of developing their own software. We have done so because if you are going to run a paperless office and offer online solutions to clients you have to be proactive with your own systems.

We also have a strong commitment to working with clients who are developing and building their own paperless office administration. SMSF auditing is an ideal platform to drive this transition because it is one of the few areas that an accountant or trustee can deal with another professional on a purely electronic basis.

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  • 29-06-2021
    An example of how use technology to deliver a high quality audit for just $440